Say Hello to Authors whose books I've read and enjoyed...

   Here is where I share works by some of the authors I've enjoyed reading. These are books that I have enjoyed and thought you would, too. I rated all these books 4 stars and higher. To be fair to you, my readers, I couldn't share books with you that I didn't think highly of.  I read them. I reviewed them. 

     Here are the authors and their books in no particular order. This list begins small at first as I will continue to add to it. Looking for a great new read, I hope you'll come back often and see what some terrific writers I know have to share.  Remember just because you haven't heard of an author doesn't mean they're not good writers. For your convenience, I've also enclosed their amazon links.


   Carole Avila: Her books are Eve's Amulet, Book 1 and and Death House.

      Eve's Amulet Book 1: A time travel, paranormal romance:                Death House is a Teen and Adult Horror novel: 

    Linda Thorne: Her first book Just Another Termination is the first in her Judy Kenagy Mystery Series. The amateur sleuth here is a Human Rescources Manager. Now that is original:

      Linda Kane author of several books. I have read two: the Young Adult Novel,

      Chilled to the Bones:         

       and The Black Madonna, a historical fiction:  

      T.P. Keane author of the fascinating science fiction and fanstasy epic, The Paladins of Naretia, volume 1.  Excellent debut and permanently free on Kindle:

     Tierney James author of romantic suspense and thriller novels, I must confess to reading just one of her books to date and that is Rooftop Angels. Set in Afghanistan, this is book 3 in the Enigma Series. I really have to read more of her books:    

      J.J. White, author of suspense and thriller novels, Prodigious Savant and Nisei. J.J. White knows how to weave his stories. Both are on  




   Kepler One: The Choosing, (Kepler One Series, volume 1) T.P. Keane, author of the fascinating science fiction and fanstasy epic, The Paladins of Naretia does it again with this young adult novel, an apocalyptic fantasy novel:

     Shadows at Sunset, Book 1 in the sunset Triology Series by Tonya Royston is a young adult paranormal tale suitable for all ages about a young woman that can talk to animals:

     Good Morning Diego Garcia by Susan Joyce is the second book in her Journey of Discovery memoir series and what a book. From Los Angeles to Sri Lankaa to Calcutta and more, Susan sails away from it all and through it all, too:

    Other authors include S.B. Redstone, S.E. Nelson, and more.

     Stay tuned. More to come...


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