MY BLOG TOUR IS OFFICIALLY OVER:  However there is no reason you still can't  check it out, please go to the BIO tab at the top of this page and look for MY BLOG TOUR  and click on it. There you'll find the links to the blog posts by those authors that hosted  me during my blog tour and book launch for Shattered Lies. Thanks for stopping by. I'm  so glad you came by. I do hope that you had a chance to stop by the blogs I visited. If not  then, why not now?

     Thanks to all the wonderful authors that hosted me during my blog tour and all those  that stopped by and visited and left comments.

     Thanks to those that entered my Book Giveaway and won.

     Shall we begin my website tour....


        Here wa my Schedule for my Blog Tour for the release of Shattered Lies released on Oct. 24th, 2015.

        First, I want to give a BIG Thank you to all the wonderful authors that participated in my blog tour. Thank you for taking time out of your own busy lives and writing schedules to help me celebrate the release of my first novel, Shattered Lies.

        Here is the schedule as I visited each one.


                                                                              MY BLOG TOUR SCHEDULE


     My first stop on my blog tour was Saturday, Oct. 17th where I spent the day with  Paranormal Author Carole Avila for An Interview. Carole is the author of Eve’s Amulet Book 1 and Death House, just in time for Halloween. Her blog can be found at:  



                                            or at her other blog site at:  



        My second stop on my blog tour was for a few days from Oct. 19-23rd where I visited with Martha Graham Waldon, author of the memoir, Nothing Like Normal.


         The next stop was on Saturday, October 24th, the release day for Shattered Lies. where I joined Psychological Thriller Author Ronnie Allen for an  interview. Ronnie is author of  "The sign behind the crime series." Gemini: The Sign Behind the Crime ~ Book 1 is available now:  




          Tnat same day of Oct. 24th onward, I also guested with Mystery Author Jackie Vick, author of the Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic Mysteries. A Bird's Eye View of Murder is available now: 




         Also on Oct 24th and forward, I did and interview with Romance Suspense Author Tierney James. Her current book, Winds of Deception (Enigma Series) (Volume 2) is available now:





          From Oct. 24th until Mid-November  I visited with Suspense Author J. J. White . White is the author of seven books of different genres, including suspense, thrillers, historical fiction, and crime novels including Prodigious Savant:   




          Also from Monday, Oct. 26th, I spent time with best-selling author and key-note speaker, Maria Murnane, author of Wait For the Rain, and my personal favorite, Katwalk:



          On Wednesday, October 28th, I visited Mystery Author Kathleen Kaska as she did a different kind of interview. Instead of just me answering standard author questions, she asked me to share the inner thoughts of my heroine Kate Thayer from Shattered Lies. Learn more about Kate in this interview. Something you wouldn’t learn from my novel. Kathleen is the author of the Sydney Lockhart Mystery Series and Marketing Director for Cave Art Press.   




           On Thursday, Oct 29th I did another interview with fellow author Linda Thorne, writer of the Judy Kenaghy mysteries:                         




          Time for a short break. Blog posts should still be up at above sites. Will return again on Tuesday, November 10, 2015. Yes, I'm baaaack beginning


         with a first stop with Multi Genre Author Lisa Haselton. Lisa writes fiction, mystery, horror, romance, young adult, poetry, and more:   



            On Thursday, November 12th I visited with Author, Poet and artist, Julie Lomoe as we discussed the TV industry from my former life as an television executive producer.   Julie is the author of edgy novels including her current release,  Hope Dawns Eternal: In a world of TV soaps, the deadliest dramas are unscripted.   



            On Sunday, Nov. 15th, author Maryann Miller posted a book preview for Shattered Lies:




           On Tuesday,  November 17th I visited with Former Independent Book Seller Lelia Taylor in Buried Under Books:




           Wednesday, Nov 18th I spent more time with author MaryAnn Miller for my Blog Post where my heroine of Shattered Lies, Kate Thayer interviewed me:                         



            On Thursday, November 19th I joined Jami Gray, Author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Kyn Kronicles and the Romance Suspense series, PSY Teams for an interview:             


            On Wednesday, Nov 22nd I spent time with Mystery Author Tina Whittle where my post focused on research. Where would a writer be without research?


     Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful holiday! Stay safe. Be happy. Show compassion. Thank you for visiting.


            On Saturday, Nov 28th-I visited with Mystery author Marian Allen where I spent time with my heroine Kate Thayer’s cat, Sterling Post. Sterling discussed his life with Kate and my book written about her:




             On Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, Linda Kane, author of Black  Madonna interviewed me:    



            Friday, Dec. 4th-Author Kara Piazza interviewed me about Shattered Lies. Kara is the author of the soon to be released exhilarating novel The Seeker Initiative:



            On Monday, Dec 7th I spentd the day with Crime Thriller Author Alan Behr as I shared a guest blog post for him with all of you: 



            Thursday, Dec. 10th I did do another Interview, this time with Steve Rosenstein aka S.B. Redstone. He’s the author of A Sinister Obsession and Stardust Dreams, a mystery followed by a romance:



           During the week of Dec 13 I did another interview with Author Melissa Bradley, A writer with a sense of adventure and a spicy side. Melissa writes romance, adventure, horror, sci fi, history.



           Then of course comes Christmas Day, Kwanza, Hannukah, Boxing Day and the New Year, and a much needed break. Phew!  Are we tired, yet? I am, but it's been much fun and a learning experience!


            Thanks to everyone for participating! I greatly appreciate it!   





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