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     Author Photos for you:

    Author Badge - Small.

     Author Badge -Color.

     Author Badge - Large.

  ^ Small Front cover for Shattered Lies 80

  x 120. 

    ^ Front Cover 200 x300 in Size. 

  ^ Original Front Cover 100 x 150  ^  

  < Original Front Cover for my debut novel, Shattered Lies- Large 500 X 500. Design by S.J. Francis.   

          ^   Front Cover  300 X 450. 


 Full Cover. ^^ New Cover Design by Jennifer Gibson.


       Author Biography:


     S. J. Francis was born to be a writer, but not until high school did writing take over. Always ready to take on any writing project when assigned, Francis wasn't aware, yet that it was a love for writing burning within the soul that welcomed the projects. It all started with the publication of one short story that had been rejected so many times, that Francis lost count that the writing bug awakened. S. J. Francis is a long time freelance writer, a University Lecturer, bibliophile, and most recently, a novelist.


     Over the years since having a short story published in a national publication. S. J. Francis has had short stories and articles, fiction and non-fiction published in a number of national, regional and local publications including Here’s Brooklyn, Commandant’s Bulletin, the Lake Champlain Gazette, Duluth Journal, and Today in Mississippi. S.J.’s background encompasses working in television production and publicity at Fox Television, and as a television producer for public television. S.J. travels extensively for recreation and to do research and has lived all over the United States, and in three countries. A confirmed bibliophile, when not writing S.J. can be found curled up sipping a glass of wine and reading a good book, or hiking in the outdoors. When not doing either, S.J. is a University lecturer with Doctorates in English, Mass Communications and Law. S.J. currently lives in Mississippi where the major part of Shattered Lies takes place. S.J.  but grew up in New York City where the latter portion of the novel occurs.  S.J. has a great respect and fondness for both places and considers the world around a notebook full of endless ideas.  


     Writing keeps Francis sane even when life around isn't. An active voice for causes that involve animals, seniors, and military veterans, Francis is never at a loss to help others, especially the underdog, cat, and other writers.






         You asked so I'm answering.  Shall we begin....Let's start at the top with the most obvious question that inevitably always seems to come up.


         Why are you not  showing yourself in photos to identify gender and race?

          My answer is simple. It isn't about me. If readers like my writing, like my stories and articles that I write, does it matter what sex and race I am? No. It doesn’t. In the end, it’s all about the writing and the reader connecting with it. Besides, isn’t a bit of mystery good for the soul? Not to mention, why add one more photo to a collection of endless faces of authors? That's my take on it anyway.



           How long have you been writing?

           Too many years to count. Ever since I sold my first short story to a national magazine when I was a teenager.


            What do you usually write?

            For years I’ve been writing short stories and articles. I’ve written scripts for television, and newsletters for non-profits and clubs. I also interned at a local newspaper. Now I'm writing novels about families of all kinds, not just traditonal ones and the secrets and lies that mold them.


             Why are you writing novels now?

             Why not? I’m a writer and writers write anything and everything. I did before. Besides, I always tend to write big and novels make that possible to do.


              Are you available to do interviews?

             Yes. Absolutely. Always. Dependent upon my schedule, of course.  Just drop me a line at or use my contact form here on my website.


             Are you available to write blog posts? 

             Again, yes. Always depending on time constraints. Drop me a line at or use my contact form here on my website.


            Any tips for aspiring writers?

            If you are actually actively writing, you aren’t aspiring anymore. You are a writer. Don't let anyone say differently. Keep writing.

            Don’t stop. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t write. You are going to want to quit. Don’t. Never let fear win. Ever. To quote the late, great Jackie Collins, "Keep your writing passion on fire!"  Don't ever let life get in the way of what you want to do most. Remember, I'm cheering for you. Go for it!



     With over three hundred publication credits, Francis writes for many publications, as well as regularly contributing to local newspapers. Francis' background also encompasses working as an executive producer for television. As in all the stories Francis writes, in the end, good or bad, it's all about family.




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