Yes, I read & review, too!  I read, review and post to my book review blog where I promote a NEW book once a month. I also post my reviews to and Goodreads. There is NO FEE charged. If interested in a FREE fair and honest review from me, feel free to contact me here at my CONTACT page, book review blog page, or at Reviews are done on a First Come, first served basis.

     Currently, I'm closed to all new reviews until after January 2, 2018. 

     All I require is a FREE ARC or other copy of the book from the author, publisher or agent. I prefer PDF, but I will also read Kindle and Mobi copies. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I promise to write a FAIR and HONEST review. I do NOT promise a positive review. After I have written up my review, you have the option for me to post it or not post it to and goodreads. By providing me with a FREE copy of your book, you give me permission to post my review of your book on my review blog no matter what the review is.

     I do read all genres. However, genres I prefer to read in are: women's fiction, non-fiction, cozy mystery, action-adventure, young adult, paranormal, and any good story that piques my interest. I'm not a big fan of romance, but will consider a good story. If in doubt, drop me a line telling me a little bit about your novel. 

     Books I've read, reviewed and posted to my blog, and goodreads include: Just Another Termination, a cozy mystery by Linda Thorne; Felines, a book of French cat poems by Norman Shapiro; Living with Canine Epilepsy by A. Piper Burgi, A Tale of Two Squirrels, a children's book by A.T. Baron and lots more.

     Below are some sights I go to for free books to read and review. Feel free to check them out, too.  For some, you need to have a blog, others are free just to review on amazon, bn, and elsewhere. Check the website for more information...


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